We are not currently providing support for self hosting unless you are on a paid plan, we strongly recommend using our cloud product if you want to try the project before deciding if you want to self deploy

Laudspeaker Cloud

We recommend you use Laudspeaker cloud, you can see a simple example in this tutorial setting-up-first-journey-with-the-react-sdk


Run services:

  • docker-compose up or docker compose up depending on your version of docker

Instantiate Mongo:

  • mongosh --eval "rs.initiate()"

Run backend and front end:

  • npm install
  • npm run start

To stop running system services (Linux):

  • Postgres: sudo systemctl stop postgresql.service
  • Redis: /etc/init.d/redis-server stop
  • Mongo: sudo systemctl stop mongod

To remove compose containers:

  • docker-compose down --volumes

Add a .env file to both packages/server and packages/client.

We have provided examples which you can use:

mv env-server-example packages/server/.env and mv env-client-example packages/client/.env

Make sure you fill in the fields in the env files before running.