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Setup, onboard and educate your users with tours, checklists, modals and then continue to engage them with email, sms, push and more

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Bring your Onboarding and Engagement ideas to life

Use our drag and drop editor to create complex customer journeys, starting with user onboarding and then across any channel you use from in-app product modals to emails, sms, push and more. Design specific flows that re-engage dormant users, welcome new users, or anything else you can imagine. See some of the examples below:
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Engage users who are dormant or inactive

Trigger a campaign for a user segment that has become inactive. Personalize messages based on the specific events that led them to become inactive

Welcome new users

Trigger a campaign for new users. A/B test different messaging to see what fits.

Improve your renewal rate

Message users as a renewal is approaching, with a perfectly timed set of messages. Use webhooks to co-ordinate with other services and APIs like invoicing services

Onboard and guide users

Trigger a campaign for new users and show them how to use the product and complete the core action so they derive value from your product quickly

In-App Modals

Design Modals with our design tool, and trigger them on your site or app, when you want.

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Guide users through your product!

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Build Customer Journeys

Message users across channels

Quickly Build Journeys with our No-Code tool

Our no code drag and drop editor makes it incredibly simple for you to create highly customized and intricate customer journeys. You can branch on complex conditions, A/B test, incorporate time delays, and integrate with your product to send messages at the right time.

Multiple Messaging Channels + In App SDK

With our editor, you can effortlessly send out a variety of messages including emails, push notifications, Slack messages, SMS messages, and in-app messages. We can also integrate with your own custom in app components through our sdk if you want to customize or retain more design control.

Send data through Webhooks

Finally we also offer a customizable webhook so you can send data to any service with an API. Using our editor is a breeze, so you can focus on creating customer journeys that are tailored to your specific needs without having to worry about any technical roadblocks.

Target who you want

Create Segments

Create targeted segments in Laudspeaker using all the information you have about your users. You can define segments by:

- Actions they have taken in your product
- Previous messages they have received or responded to
- Attributes the users have
- Manual lists from CSV uploads
- Database imports and syncs

Build Customer Journeys

Connect Data sources and Product Events

Integrate events/data from product, CDP or database

Integrate events and data into Laudspeaker from your product, database, datawarehouse, CDP or CRM quickly with our developer friendly guides and documentation.

Stream and Batch data in, webhook data out

We support both streaming and batch imports, and offer an API to add customer records. We also support a webhook to stream data out of Laudspeaker.

Understand whats working

Analyse and Track Metrics

Track and monitor your journeys. Measure metrics like open rate, click through, messages sent, as well as measuring step by step conversion.
Understand if messaging is improving:

- Sales conversion
- Onboarding completion
- Re-engagement

Build Customer Journeys

Run Experiments

Define A/B Tests
Run experiments by designing A/B tests and refine your messaging journeys.
- Specify what percentage of users should get which messaging variants
- Define hold out control groups

Template Builder

Quickly build templates across messaging channels

Our WYSIWYG Editor is built with the industry standard technology. Quickly build responsive email, define text messages, push and more
- Design in-app messages with our user friendly tool
- Include personalization
- Save re-usable content snippets

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