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Comparing Braze to alternatives? See why Braze customers are switching to Laudspeaker. Set up and run Laudspeaker with little engineering work. Integrate easily with all your customer data sources, and use your own data with no limits. Use our easy to use no-code drag and drop editor to build customer journeys and campaigns across email, sms, push, and in app. Track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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E-Mail Marketing

Send emails to customers

SMS Marketing

Send sms to customers

Push Notifications

Send push to customers

Omni-Channel Journey Builder

Use a drag and drop editor to design complex message flows

Easy to Use

Our Journey Builder is designed to be very easy to use

A/B Tests

Test across different variants of messages


Trigger actions in external services with webhooks

Customer Segment Builder

Build or upload segments of users

Database Integrations

Integrate with your databases

Unlimited Data warehouse Sync

Sync from your warehouses all you need

Unlimited events & attribute data

Connect to product analytics services or CDPs free of charge

No sales call required, self serve

Try out the product by signing up

No surprise fee

Set limits on usage

Flexible message volume pricing

We charge on messages sent, not an opaque # of users model

All Inclusive fair pricing

What you see if what you get, no surprise overages

Self Hostable

Use Laudspeaker to keep customer data on your infrastructure

Open Source

Laudspeaker's code is open to see and customize!

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