The only enterprise ready marketing  software that can be run on-prem

Laudspeaker is the only leading customer engagement plaform that can be deployed on prem and be self hosted. Send messages across push, email, sms and more while keep all your customer data secure, and systems compliant

Seperate senstive information and make api calls to grab what you need
Populate sensitive information from other parts of your system by making api calls within messages like push, email, sms and webhooks before its sent.

{% api_call :save result%}

Automate marketing campaigns

Use our user-friendly no-code visual workflow builder to automate messaging and guide your users effortlessly. Its easy to use, and increases productivity across the whole team

Real time messaging at scale

Laudspeaker is built to message millions of users across single journeys, and respond to real time events really fast. Pipe in millions of events without worryUse a reliable open source platform where thousands of devs see our code

Audit and track all of your messages
For every message you send, trigger a webhook to your internal endpoints and track all your messages:

{% assign today = 'now' | date: '%m%d%H%M%S' %}
 "title": "Message #282",
 "body": "Hey check out this fintech promotion!",
 "url": "https://your_internal_endpoint/track/and audit",
 "iconType": "PIN",
 "category": "activity",
 "userid": "{{user_id}}",
 "campaignId": "{{user_id}}{{today}}"

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