Personalize messages with {{first_name}} and beyond

Use Liquid, and our extra Laudspeaker specific capabilities to personalize messages from existing attributes or grab data from external apis

Use the full power of liquid templating
Populate user specific information with liquid templating

hey {{first_name}} welcome to Laudspeaker!

And go beyond basics by using liquid logic to create extensible re-usable templates across all the messaging channels

{% if user_preferences.language == "French" %} Bonjour!{% elsif user_preferences.language == "English" %}Hey there!{% endif %}

{% if item.cost > 100} Thank you for your order! Here is a coupon for next purchase. DISCOUNT_CODE{% else %}{% abort %}{% endif %}

Personalize messages with API calls

Need more than liquid? Create highly personalized messages by populating your push, sms, and email by making direct api calls to grab data from other parts of your system

{% api_call :save result%}

Use time aware messaging

With Laudspeaker its possible to not just trigger messages at certain times or during specific windows but to use time in the message content as well

{% assign today = 'now' | date: '%m%d%H%M%S' %}

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