At present, you can set up messaging with Mailgun or Sendgrid. We are currently working on integrating Mailchimp and SMTP into our software. If you’re just trying out laudspeaker, we’ll give you 3 free email message broadcasts to see if Laudspeaker is right for you. Here’s how you get set up:

  1. Once you’ve logged in and verified your account, go to the “Home” tab on the right panel.


  1. From the drop down list, select your preferred message broadcasting service. In this tutorial, we’ll set up with Free 3 Emails to keep things simple.
  2. A short form will open up asking you to provide the following details:


Sending Name This is will display as the ID of the email messages sent from your Laudspeaker journeys.

Sending Email This is the email address of the of the email messages from your Laudspeaker journeys.

Here’s what it looks like filled out:


  1. Let’s send out an email. Go to Journey Builder and select “example-single-campaign”. This generates a default one-off message that will send as soon as the journey is activated.


  1. Make sure to select a template for this message. Click the message first and then click “Email”. Select a template from the drop down menu. For this test, we can just use “example-template-action”

5 5b 5c

You should have an envelope icon next to your message now.

  1. Define your customer segment! Click the button “Define Segment” under “Journey Type”


  1. Click “Create New” and enter a new Customer Segment. For this test, I’ve created “All”


Since we don’t need to specify a customer segment, we can go ahead and click “Save”


  1. Now click Save and Start in the top right. You should now see this page.


The email should now send to the target inbox. If you’re using the “Free 3 Email” setting, the message will send to your account’s email inbox.