Build best-in-class self-serve and user onboarding flows

Use our hosted and open source developer tools to create setup, onboarding, education and engagement flows that activate users.

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Build robust onboarding quickly with state machines and other developer tools

The fastest growing startups and tech companies use state machines for their onboarding flows, Laudspeaker makes this approach available for everyone else, and adds a layer of user state management, and experimentation on top.

Use our onboarding SDKs with our drag and drop editor to specify each step and transition in your flow, so that you or others on your team can easily modify, change and track how your users are doing.
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Show Progress with Checklists

Checklists and progress bars are the gold standard for showing users how many steps are required to complete an action and where the users are in a flow.

Defining the logic can be complicated, and changing it is usually a pain, but with a graphical state machine its easy to change.

Include email nudges as well, so that users come back to your app.

Create a tour

Use different types of triggers to start a product tour for your users.

Run tests to see which messaging and components increase conversion and activation.

Use specific actions in the product, use time delays and windows, and nudge users back to the product with notifications as well.

Guide Users with tool tips

Guide users with highly relevant tool tips that appear when users take specific actions, and click or tap on specific elements.

If you want to restart a tour, include a loop and let users go over a tutorial as many times as they want.

Target users who are getting stuck

Help users who are getting stuck with in-product educational modals and flows, as well as out of product messaging. Start and stop these campaigns as you wish, and target specific customer segments.

Highlight parts of your product with hot spots

Guide users through your product with a light touch that isn't distracting.

User State Management

Track user progress through your flows

Automatically track user state and onboarding progress. Understand which steps users are on, and which flows users are seeing at any given point in time.

Provide full visibility into the customer journey for your whole team.

Experiment Endlessly

Run experiments, personalize, and make changes easily

Build once, change endlessly

- Target specific users with specific flows based on their properties or the actions they take.
- Run experiments by versioning your flows, and making changes based on results.
- Explicit A/B test functionality is coming soon!

Use Headlessly (if you want)

Use as a Headless CMS, or use our components

- Connect your own components with our easy to use sdk. Simply call useStep('stepId') to manage state from Laudspeaker
- Otherwise you can use our components or our modal designer tool

Combine with email, sms, push and more

Combine in-product flows with email, sms and other channels

Combine out-of-product and in-product messaging

With our editor, you can effortlessly add a variety of messages including emails, push notifications, Slack messages, SMS messages, and in-app messages.

Quickly Build Journeys with our No-Code tool

Our no code drag and drop editor makes it incredibly simple for you to create highly customized and intricate customer journeys. You can branch on complex conditions, A/B test, incorporate time delays, and integrate with your product to send messages at the right time.

Send data through Webhooks

Finally we also offer a customizable webhook so you can send data to any service with an API. Using our editor is a breeze, so you can focus on creating customer journeys that are tailored to your specific needs without having to worry about any technical roadblocks.

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